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1440 Bedford Highway
Bedford NS, B4A 1E5



 True Beauty spa and Wellness Centre, located in Bedford NS is here to meet all your beauty and wellness needs. We offer expert services in Hair Care using Goldwell and Organic Color Systems. Esthetics, Make-up, Eyelash Extensions, Registered Massage and Osteopathic Care. We would love to help you achieve your full potential,  inside and out! 


Green Commitment

Making True Beauty Safer for You

Jessica Fletcher

Chemical exposure over time it hard on both you and us as your service providers! Many of the staff and clients of the spa have sensitivities that have developed from years of exposure to harsh substances, and we are starting to really pay attention! We want you to have the ability to keep up your beauty regime in a way that doesn't compromise your health! For this reason we have started to change the way we do things! We have switched to natural cleaners and laundry products, and adopted a wide selection of organic/fair trade coffee's and lemonade, and we have started offering Chaga Tea so that we can litteral de-tox you as you receive your services. We don't want you to just leave unharmed, we want you to leave your service with us improved!

Conserving Energy

Jessica Fletcher

We had the opportunity to take some great steps towards reducing our footprint this past year though Efficiency Nova Scotia! They made it possible for us to obtain heat pumps to replace our electric base board heat, as well as a hot water heater that uses recycled heat from the heat pumps. We were also able to switch out all the lightbulbs in the salon and replace them with energy efficient bulbs. We are so thankful to Efficiency NS for partnering with us to make our spa more green!  Follow the link bellow to see the article written on our Spa! This article was featured in Geoff Reagan's spring 2015 news letter


New Recycling System!

Jessica Fletcher

At True Beauty, we are well aware of how much waste salons generate! We take great measures to reduce and recycle everything possible! We had Green Circle Salons come in and coach us on how to be as efficient as we can be. We now properly dispose of all excess chemical waste, metals, aerosols, and hair.